World Cup 2010 FIFA

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World Cup 2010 FIFA

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The FIFA World Cup in South Africa will quickly be upon us and as with any globally occasion like this, there's immense public debate of how well the preparations are heading. For To the south Africa, this really is the first time they have hosted the FIFA World Cup and the eyes on the world will probably be upon them, possibly with even more scrutiny than previous hosts. This is a magnificent opportunity to sell this great nation and all it has to offer international visitors. The newest reports are that ticket sales are not heading too as hoped and some qualifying nations are reporting public concerns above safety for their teams and supporters. South Africa has invested a massive sum of money in preparing the stadia and placing in place transport infrastructure to ensure the games are enjoyed by all of the lovers. Perhaps the most concerning areas for potential lovers, seeking to attend the World Cup, are the fees for lodging and internal flights.

I'm conscious of prices for internal flights getting provided at 4 to 5 occasions their typical price for the time of year. This does not just effect lovers but additionally those living in To the south Africa. In their wisdom, the government has decided that their will probably be a national school vacation during the World Cup period. For functioning mother and father this presents adequate issues, but if you were to contemplate heading away on holiday in the course of this time then you will arrive up against the same issue that fans are having - extortionate prices! There is presently an investigation underway involving a number of the important airline carriers in To the south Africa close to cost fixing - this is additional exacerbated by the full lack of flights in the course of this time. Hopefully the government will get on top of the and sort out this circumstance, as it will undoubtedly place many lovers off.

The second location of concern is lodging price ranges. At this place it is worth pointing out that soon after Sydney hosted the last Olympics, rather than seeing an upturn in visitors after the event, there was a dramatic decrease in tourists for that next three years! A lot of this reduce in tourism was place down to the rates becoming charged through the Olympics. The same point is happening in To the south Africa. A lot of accommodation owners are charging 5, 6 7+ occasions a lot more than their regular prices. This brief term profiteering, known as 'gouging', is ridiculous. Fans are getting "ripped off" and that is leaving several football supporters with the only choice not to arrive to To the south Africa. That is such a shame because the quality of the accommodation provided by guest houses, B&B's and self catering owners is generally far higher than that in numerous other countries. Of course, there will always be corporate packages that will take up these higher prices to entertain their clients but for your average football fan this will probably be a World Cup that is certainly an expense as well far. What a shame when the nation has so much to provide enthusiasts in the course of their breaks between games. I truly feel that is going to get a "lost opportunity" for your To the south Africa tourism industry and that venue owners are going to regret the higher costs they are charging. Hopefully they will come to their senses, along with all the airlines, and reduce their price ranges. Otherwise how else will the numbers coming to the World Cup reach anywhere near the expected 1 million.
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