Liver Spots on Skin

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Liver Spots on Skin

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Liver spots on skin are also referred to as age spots, sun spots or solar lentigines. Traditionally, there was a belief that it is a sign of improper liver function. Though the fact is that it is not related to any kind damage in the liver. Usually, people who are above the age of 40 gets liver spots on skin. However, younger people can also get such patches. These spots are flat with well defined border and mostly do not have any regular shape. The size and color of the spots may vary. The diameter of the patch can be as big as 1 inch. Gray, brown and black spots are commonly found but red liver spots on skin may also appear.

What Causes Liver Spots on Skin?

The main cause of liver spots on skin is the excessive exposure of sun's rays on the surface of the skin. The ultraviolet radiation of the sun promotes the growth of melanin of the skin. Melanin is a skin pigment which is responsible for maintaining the normal skin color and also in providing
protection to the underlying layers of the skin. When extra amount of melanin is produced due to influence of the sun, it gets accumulated in high concentrations in certain parts of the skin. This results in formation of sunspots. It takes a long time to develop such spots on the skin. Apart from the action of sun's radiation, use of tanning lamps and tanning beds can also lead to liver spots on skin. Other possible liver spot causes are aging and genetics. The liver spots that appear due to these factors can appear in those parts also which are not exposed to the sun. Read more on liver spots.

Treatment for Liver Spots on Skin

Liver spots are quite harmless and does not require any kind of treatment. When they appear on face, it makes the face look very ugly. For this reason, people want to get rid of these spots. Skin creams and lotions that have alpha hydroxy acids and retinoids as ingredients are helpful in reducing the liver spots on skin. These substances facilitate removal of the affected top layers of the skin very fast and also promote the growth of those layers of the skin that lie deep within the skin.

Skin bleaching is another method used for liver spots removal. Bleaching agents like hydroquinone are most popularly used for this purpose. Just one application of bleaching agent may not show the desired results and reapplication may be required to let the spots fade away completely. Bleaching may be a good option for those who have fair skin but is not a right choice for those with dark skin complexion. You can also prepare a natural bleach at home. For this, you have to mix one-fourth cup of lemon juice with two tablespoons of salt and apply it on the liver spots. Leave it for ten minutes and then wash off with warm water. Then dab some moisturizer on the skin to avoid dryness of the skin. If you have a highly sensitive skin then you should test it on your elbow before applying it on the liver spots. You can also refer to age spot home remedies.

You can also consult a dermatologist on the various options of surgical procedures that are available. Cryotherapy is often used by the doctor to get rid of the liver spots. In this method, the skin tissues that are affected by liver spots are frozen by circulation of liquid nitrogen through it and thus the liver spots are destroyed. Other forms of treatment are use of acid peels or laser treatment for liver spot removal. You will get more information on:

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The treatment of liver spots on skin cannot prevent future recurrence of these kind of spots. For this you have to take some preventive measures. Try to avoid direct exposure of the sun as much as possible. You have to protect your skin by applying sunscreen lotion on all those areas that are susceptible to sunspots. If you apply it over the liver spots then it can prevent further increase of the size of the spots and will delay formation of new spots on the skin.
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