Is dell inspiron 2650 a good laptop ? please help?

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Is dell inspiron 2650 a good laptop ? please help?

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I see that there is always a serious virus attack to some files on window like, exporer.exe, svchost.exe, winlogon.exe, taskman.exe, dwm.exe,... I don't know why window let the virus can make change to these files. Last night I try to change permission of these files and now I cannot long into the window. - One thing that i want to do is to copy the fresh of these file on the window setup disk to the window folder on my machine, but i don't know how? please tell me? - Another thing is that i want to keep these files no change, how can I? If anybody can help me, it's great thank for you and to all the window user. i don't want to stop using window, but i will if i have no choice. Mac is pretty better.
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