Edit FLV Video Files – Video

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Edit FLV Video Files – Video

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Converting an FLV file to another format can lower the quality of your video. Edit FLV files with an application that maintains the file format and quality of the original FLV video file.
You Will Need
Internet access
An FLV editor application
FLV video files
Music or a watermark image (optional)
Step 1: Download FLV application
Download an FLV editor application with system requirements that fit your PC or Mac. Install it to your computer.
Plug-ins like Perian for Quicktime on a Mac, or Moyea for Adobe Premiere on a PC, change programs into FLV editors.
Step 2: Open
Open the application.
Step 3: Import
Import the FLV video file you want to edit.
Step 4: Edit
Edit the video. Crop the picture or cut and trim segments of the video.
Step 5: Combine FLV files
Combine FLV video files together.
Add new music or a watermark to the video.
Step 6: Save
Save the final project as an FLV video file to complete the editing process.
Flash animation software was originally called FutureSplash before it was bought by Macromedia and later Adobe.
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