Preparing to Certify

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Preparing to Certify

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Individuals seeking technical certification use various techniques to prepare for examinations. Highly certified individuals have shared the techniques they have employed towards the goal of certification. Professionals interviewed noted especially the use of study materials and practice exams. Marcus White, certified MCSE, CCNA, A+, Network+, and Citrix Admin described his method of study. Marcus noted “I used technical books and self-test practice software as far as literature and test prep for my MCSE.” Marcus also attended classroom instruction, “My employer also paid to fly me to California and Texas for Microsoft training.” Finally, Marcus noted the importance of using hands-on resources “I also built several test labs in my home consisting of servers, routers, and everything else I could hook up.” Robert Roudebush, an IT professional who maintains an IT-related blog, provided his viewpoint on the value of practice resources, “I place a very large value on exam practice tests and materials. Once I have studied the required material, I use the tests to help gauge my knowledge and retention of the information. I also use the tests to prepare me for the types of questions that are going to be asked and to help me become comfortable with the format.” Chris Carter, an IT professional active with the Network Professional Association (NPA), had an interesting perspective on the benefit of test prep materials, “I have difficulty with test taking, so the practice tests are valuable to me.” Chris expanded to explain “It (exam practice materials) puts me in the test taking mode and relieves some of the anxiety.” Cheryl F. Jones, a PMP certified project management consultant, had thoughts on test preparation including her approach used to achieve the PMP, “I started with the written materials, in this case the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).” Cheryl continued, “I spent time in the library at a leading university in the area, studying from textbooks on the subject.” And Cheryl explained her use of time “I studied for 2 weeks, using company leave.” For more information about the Network Professional Association (NPA) visit online. For more information on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) visit the Project Management Institute website at
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