JobSite LSW-6.5 6.5-Inch In-Wall Speakers, White (Pair)

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JobSite LSW-6.5 6.5-Inch In-Wall Speakers, White (Pair)

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JobSite LSW-6.5 6.5-Inch In-Wall Speakers, White (Pair)
  • Pair of rectangular 2-way in-wall speakers with recommended power handling of 10 to 150 watts
  • 6.5-inch graphite-filled polypropylene woofers with butyl surrounds for tight, pleasing mids and lows
  • 1-inch liquid-cooled tweeters produce crisp highs; 50 Hz to 21 kHz frequency response
  • Terminals accept up to 12-gauge speaker wire; rust-proof aluminum grilles; moisture- and UV-resistant
  • Mounting cutout measures 7.62 x 10.62 inches (W x L) and 2.38 inches deep; 5-year warranty

An ideal option for listeners with crowded living rooms, each of these two-way speakers installs unobtrusively in the wall, where it delivers crisp, rich sound without taking up valuable floor or shelf space. The mounting cutout measures 7.62 by 10.62 inches and sits 2.38 inches deep--a manageable size that easily holds the 8.75-by-11.69-inch speaker frame. Inside the speaker, meanwhile, sits a 6.5-inch graphite-filled polypropylene woofer with a butyl rubber surround and a 1-inch liquid-cooled dome tweeter. The drivers combine to produce pleasing mids and intense highs, with an impressive (for wall speakers) 50 Hz to 21 kHz frequency response. In addition, the tweeter is mounted on a small pivot, so you can point the sound directly toward the listening area for better dispersion.
The LSW-6.5s make good main speakers, but also excel as secondary speakers in an adjacent room (when connected to the main receiver), or even as home theater surround speakers (rear left/right) when watching movies or listening to five-channel audio sources. Even better, the speakers are relatively simple to install thanks to the white frames, which blend easily into most wall surfaces, and the quick-mounting system for retrofit or brand-new construction. The frames are even paintable, so you can custom match any wall color to create a more fluid interior.
The speaker terminals accommodate up to 12-gauge speaker wire (not included), which is best for speakers located within 30 feet of the receiver. For distances over 30 feet, listeners should consider 10-gauge cable. Other features include rustproof aluminum grilles, moisture- and UV-resistant construction, and a recommended power handling of 10 to 150 watts. The speakers come with a five-year warranty on parts and labor.
Note: JobSite recommends having the following tools on hand for installation: a stud locator, drywall saw, pencil, cordless Phillips screwdriver, two 1/8-inch slotted screwdrivers, wire stripper, and wire labels. In addition, it's difficult to move or reposition the speaker once the cutout is made, so listeners are advised to take their time when determining the ideal listening location.
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