Troubleshooting Error 'Msg 7105' in Microsoft SQL Server Dat

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Troubleshooting Error 'Msg 7105' in Microsoft SQL Server Dat

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Microsoft SQL Server supports LOB (Large Object) data types to store large amounts of data. Such data types include BLOB (Binary LOB), CLOB (Character LOB), and DBCLOB (Double-byte Character LOB). They uses unique structure, which is different from regular data types. Under some situations, Microsoft SQL Server cannot access LOB data that is referenced by database page. You get an error message while accessing such data and the process terminates. It causes critical data loss situations and require MS SQL repair to be sorted out.
As a real-world example of this problem, you may receive 'Msg 7105' if LOB referenced by the SQL Server database page row can't be accessed. At this point, SQL Server application encounters an error message, which resembles the following one:
Msg 7105, Level 22, State 6, Line 1 The Database ID 11, Page (255:177), slot 1 for LOB data type node does not exist. This is usually caused by transactions that can read uncommitted data on a data page. Run DBCC CHECKTABLE”.
Due to the high severity of this errors, SQL Server terminates the connection. The same error also appears in Windows Application Event Log and SQL ERRORLOG with the EventID=7105.
What causes EventID 7105 in SQL Server?
SQL Server may log this error due to any of the underwritten reasons:
The query, which is failing, is using NOLOCK or READ UNCOMMITTED ISOLATION query hint.
There is some problem in Microsoft SQL Server Engine that is causing the database query to fail with above error.
The corruption problem is there in a MS SQL Server database page on in LOB page structure that is referenced by the database

Use the following methods to repair SQL database:
Run DBCC CHECKDB on problem SQL Server database.
If problem is associated with the database query, rewrite and rerun the same. Update Microsoft SQL Server with the latest service pack if problem is related to SQL Server Engine.
Restore MDF (Master Database File) database from the most recent backup. When all else fails, MDF repair software come for your help. They are useful applications, which thoroughly scan whole SQL Server database and extract corrupt or damaged data from it. Such tools repair SQL database in a safe and easy way with read-only conduct and simple user interface.
Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery is a comprehensive utility to perfectly restore corrupt SQL Server database. The software works well in all corruption scenarios with both MDF and NDF files. It is designed for Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2005, 2000, and 7.0.
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